Imagination, inspiration and the willingness to follow a dream have been our philosophy. Royal Pharma, competence is therefore the primary ambition of the company. 

We have an established network of international suppliers / OEM and are representing many reputable companies in diversified medical activities.
The target group of Royal Pharma is those customers for which the standard service of the common marketers is not sufficient. We seek to distinguish ourselves by providing the most flexible and reliability in customer service. Our established network of international suppliers worldwide enable clients to benefit from a package tailored to their individual needs and time requirements.

Royal Pharma is dedicated to provide the quality services, driven by a commitment to excellence.

Royal Pharma renders the following range of services for domestic as well as international customers:

  • Re-sourcing in Pharmaceutical, Electro Medical, Surgical and Dentistry products.
  • Planning and formulation of new product launching & promotion strategies.
  • Arrangement of event management like seminars, conferences, and road shows.
  • Arrangement of training programs for sales and marketing staff.
  • Provide Health Tourism Services

Royal Pharma is the health tourism service provider for Pakistan. Royal Pharma links the space between patients in Canada and the health service providers in Pakistan. We have comprehensive list of Pakistani medical providers, together with detailed information about every provider and the medical specialties and facilities they offer.


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